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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Van Gogh Pumpkin Patch

3rd graders learned about the artist Vincent Van Gogh through a short video. They learned about the warm and cool colors of the color wheel, and how to create concentric circles.

Students did two pencil drawings of a pumpkin and then colored it in with oil pastel using warm colors. Students were shown how to blend oil pastels using their thumb and starting from the outer part of their pumpkin and working their way in. Students then outlined pumpkin in black and cut out.

Students then used the cool colors to create the background for the pumpkins. Students used concentric circles in the sky to give it a “Van Gogh feel”. Students then colored in grass with different shades of green, and then glued pumpkins on.

They did a great job. Students learned about craftsmanship and taking their time coloring in and blending with this project.

Learning Targets:
  • I can identify warm and cool colors.
  • I can color neatly using the correct pressure.
  • I can blend my colors using the techniques demonstrated by the teacher.

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