"Mama" by my daughter age 3

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snowman 3 Ways

Students had to draw the same snowman 3 times, from 3 different perspectives. Was a great lesson on different angles to draw a figure. We discussed frontal view, profile view, back view, ariel view, and what a diagonal is. They used oil pastel to color in. They turned out great!

Adaptive Fish Paintings

We used sponges for the background (1 class). And then rubber fish stamps for the fish prints (2nd class). The students painted the stamps and help rub the paper on top to get the print. Last step was to add a little sparkle by making bubbles:)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ice Skates


Second graders reviewed what a self portrait is. They drew an oval for the head, traced their hands for the mittens, and drew their hat. They used construction paper crayons for the patterns on the hat and mittens. They turned out really cute! ( I found this lesson on Pinterest, my new favorite web site).

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Japense Koi Fish

4th graders learned about Japanese Koi Fish through a Power Point Presentation. The most interesting thing we learned about Koi, is that they often outlive their owners. A study was done on a pond of Koi, and one Koi was 226 years old! Students had to draw either one large Koi Fish, or two smaller Koi Fish. They then outlined in Sharpie and colored in with colored pencil. We used black chalk to create the under water effect.

Chinese Dragon Fans

Second graders learned all about Chinese dragons through a Power Point Presentation. We looked at lots of images of Chinese dragons, and what the dragon means in Chinese culture. Students drew their dragon in pencil first adding lots of details. They then outlined in Sharpie, and colored it in with construction paper crayons. The second graders also gave Chinese calligraphy a whirl too, adding one word of Chinese writing to their fan.


First graders learned all about pandas in art class. We learned they are from China, they eat up to 40 lbs of bamboo a day, they are solitary animals, and they are rare. For our project, first we sponge painted the background, using sponges to paint the bamboo trees as well. They then traced to size circles for the panda's nose and head. They learned how to draw and cut a heart for the nose. And the rest of the details were cut from scrap paper as well.

Chinese Lanterns

I am just finishing up an Asian art unit with all my grade levels. The projects turned out great. The fifth graders' project was my favorite. They made Chinese lanterns. I made a template for them to trace on 12x18 drawing paper. I had tons of Asian art books, a bulletin board, and lots of posters and visuals for them to look at. They could chose any Asian art imagery to draw on their lantern. We had a great variety from both 5th grades. They used colored pencil to color it in. They then cut out the template and folded it into the box shape. I had precut the top and bottom pieces of the lantern, they glued them on. They then added the center piece using yarn, black paper, and beads. I cut the wire and poked the wire handle through the top for them and secured it shut. They then tied the center piece around the wire.

Batik Pumpkins

I saw this lesson on SmART Class blog. Thanks! Students drew pumpkins and then colored in with crayon. They crumpled it up, painted over pumpkin with black ink, and then washed it off in the sink. For the background they glued color squares, creating a pattern. They then outline with black chalk and glossed over it with gloss, this gave it an aged look. They also used rubber leaf stamps to print a leaf to attach to their pumpkin.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Owl Sculptures

First graders learned about 3d art and how it is different than 2d art. We looked at some fun videos to learn facts about owls too. They made these owl sculptures from toilet paper tubes, scrap book paper, and scrap paper. They turned out great!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Art Leaves

A new twist on fall leaves, art leaves! 2nd graders learned how to weave by making a paper weaving for their background. They then drew some leaves. When they added details to their leaves, they didn't just draw them in, they collaged the details using colorful wallpaper and scrap book paper. They then outline their details in Sharpie, and added colorful circles to their weaving background.

Chalk Pastel Owls

4th graders looked at artworks by local Green Bay artist Holly Hebel. Holly Hebel is inspired by midwest life and her artwork contains images of barns and old houses. The medium she uses chalk pastels in bright, vibrant colors. She doesn't blend her pastels, rather layers the colors and also leaves some of the background peeking through. 4th graders drew owls and colored them in with chalk pastels using the same method as Holly Hebel, no blending, just layering. They also looked at some videos to learn some fun facts about owls too!