"Mama" by my daughter age 3

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Secondary Color Mixing fish

This was a good end of year review project for second grade color mixing. This particular group of artists were the focus group of my SLO this past year. These students came such a long way this year with their knowledge of primary and secondary colors and color mixing. I am very proud of their hard work!

Op Art

I always save op art for the end of year for my 4th and 5th graders. They love seeing all the examples of op art. And I love it because it is an easy clean up project for the end of the school year when I feel like all I'm doing is cleaning ;)

Clay Frogs

Baird Bee Painted Bench for Downtown

Our downtown district was looking for artists to paint iron benches for the Downtown Broadway District in Green Bay. I applied and was granted permission to have my 5th grade students help me paint the bench. They did such a great job helping me! We were given only a week time frame to get this completed and it turned out fantastic! I couldn't have done it without their help!

Wayne Thiebaud Cupcakes

This was the last big project of the year for first graders. We learned all about the Pop Artist Wayne Thiebaud and his wonderful dessert paintings. I was very focused this year on getting my first graders to master the basic art skills of cutting, gluing, and painting properly. To wrap up the year they took a gluing assessment  to check their gluing skills. I have found that gluing is a basic skill that needs to be revisited every year, by every grade level. Students focused very much on using the correct amount of glue, making sure all pieces of paper were glued flat, and when gluing making sure the tip of the glue bottle is touching the paper. They did a great job!

**Lesson credit to Artolazzi**

Grant Wood Chicken Weather Vanes

Students learned all about the artist Grant Wood. We compared how Grant Wood grew up in Iowa to our lives here in Wisconsin. Students looked at several photographs of barns and weather vanes. Students drew either a rooster or chicken on metal tool and added patterns. They then stained it with India Ink and cut it out. Students drew just the top part of a barn and attached the chicken/rooster as a weather vane.