"Mama" by my daughter age 3

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Large Painted Dogs

5th graders learned about the artist Pablo Picasso. They learned about Cubism and how in Picasso’s Cubist portraits he focused on the eyes and noses. 5th graders each received a photograph of a dog and first painted the eyes and nose on index cards. They then glued them to a large sheet of paper and painted the rest of the dog around the eyes and nose. They are wonderful and beautiful

Picasso Dogs

4th graders learned about the artist Pablo Picasso by looking at his artwork and a Power Point presentation. Picasso invented a style of art called Cubism. Cubism is breaking up objects using different shapes and forms.  4th graders used Cubism in their drawings of dogs. This was done with oil pastels.

Laurel Burch Dogs

2nd graders learned about the American, self- taught artist Laurel Burch by looking at her website and watching a short interview with her. She has a rare bone disease that often keeps her bed ridden for months at a time. She says she’d paint with her toes if she had to though! She loves to use bright colors and patterns. Most of all she loves to paint animals.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Wag a Tail

Students read Wag A Tail by Lois Ehlert. We used our art eyes to find the various shapes that Lois used to create her dogs. The students also had fun being the pointer and finding all the dogs in the illustrations. We created our own dogs with paper. I did the instruction step by step as an entire group. The first graders did awesome. Their favorite part was naming their dog1!

Dog Gone Unit

At the end of September we are having an all school assembly with a very special guest, Frankie the Daschund. Frankie is special because his hind legs are paralyzed so he has a special doggie wheel chair for his hind legs. Frankie and his owner teach diversity and how to over come challenges life hands you. So I thought it would be a warm welcome to Frankie if we had all sorts of Art dogs to greet him when he got to our school. I found a different dog project for each grade level to create!

First days of school Project

I think the first week of art is always the toughest, because you have to review all the classroom rules and procedures. It's so much talking and I know the students would rather be working on projects. So this year I shortened my introduction to the art room to bare bones so we could get to a project right away. I figured I could address specific procedures as they come up through out the year. So I got this idea from SmART Class blog, THANK YOU!! It turned out so great and I've gotten so many compliments on it from other staff members. And of course the students love hunting for their portrait. There was about 20 portraits that I didn't add to the big collage, but I will be hanging those in my art room for a mini college.
My mini collage in my art room of students who didn't finish in time for the bigger display.