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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dragons Starting with a line of yarn

Mummies and Candy Corn


Third graders learned the vocabulary word, concentric circles- circles that are inside other circles and are evenly spaced out. They gave several examples of concentric circles that they have seen on signs, in nature, and in everyday objects. Some that even I didn’t think of! First we drew concentric half circles then traced them with glue to make the spider’s web. Next we created a three dimensional spider using tinfoil. We painted in the spaces between our concentric half circles and the rest of the background using water colors, then hot glued our spiders to the web.

Different Perspective Trees

Fifth graders learned about two different types of perspective, worm’s eye and bird’s eye. Worm’s eye perspective is as if you were a worm looking up at the sky. Bird’s eye perspective is as if you were a bird looking down at the ground.

Fifth graders drew fall trees from a worm’s eye perspective. They used oil pastels for the tree trunks and leaves, paying close attention to blending techniques. They then painted the sky with water color. The fifth graders have a great “perspective” on their artwork!

Fall Trees

Collage Monsters

First graders read the story Go Away Big Green Monster!, by Ed Emberley. We discussed all the shapes that made up the Big Green Monster in the story. First graders also learned about the art term collage, assembling one piece of art by using different materials to create it. First graders used different color construction paper to cut out shapes to create their very own monster. They started by first drawing and cutting out the head. They paid close attention to their gluing skills, as well, making sure everything was glued totally flat. Lastly we added googley eyes to make the monsters extra spooky!

Thunder Storms

First graders learned about extreme weather through an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy. They learned about lightning, thunder, tornados, and hurricanes. We also discussed Hurricane Sandy since that extreme weather was going on just as we started our Thunder Storm project. First graders made a city skyline by cutting squares and rectangles from black construction paper. Next they used three oil pastel colors to create their clouds, and they also worked on their blending techniques by smudging the colors with their fingers. A zig zag line was used to create the lightning. Lastly, they painted over the background with blue and purple water colors to make the sky look dreary like a rainy day.

Indian Corn

4th graders learned about the history of corn in North America. They learned that it was a staple crop for the Native Americans. When the English settlers came over to North America from England, they would not have survived if they hadn’t learned how to plant and harvest corn from the Native Americans. Today, Indian corn, or ornamental corn, is used mainly as a decoration during the autumn’s months.

Glowing Pumpkins

4th graders learned how to draw a pumpkin from real life. We discussed all the different shapes pumpkins can have and the curvature of the lines in a pumpkin. Students colored in pumpkins using oil pastels and focused on creating a pattern with their color choices. They also focused on having a smooth transition from one color to the next by using blending and overlapping techniques. To create the glow around the pumpkins students used white chalk pastel and another blending technique. They turned out great‼

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Whew, it's been forever since I posted last! With good reason though, I had a beautiful baby boy on June 24. So I was lucky enough to take the first six weeks off of school. I came back October 10, and have been sooooo busy. I have the craziest schedule this year, with 2 new schools that I'm teaching at and 3 travel days. I finally am sort of caught up on work, just today anyway. I have a whole bunch of new projects to share with  you.