"Mama" by my daughter age 3

Monday, January 27, 2014

O'Keeffe Flowers

*One of my favorite lessons.

Students learned about O’Keeffe through a power point presentation. They viewed several examples of her artwork. We had a discussion on how large she painted her flowers, sometimes so large they became an abstraction- or it didn’t look exactly like a flower anymore.

Students drew their flowers from step by step directions in a drawing guide. They had a choice of how to draw their petal shape to make their flower unique. They were required to draw flower large enough to fill the entire paper.

Students then colored in with oil pastel. We discussed ways to color neatly, and they also learned about blending techniques.

Adaptive Robert Indiana Love

Jim Dine Woven Hearts

First graders learned about the artist Jim Dine through a Power Point Presentation. They viewed several of his paintings. They learned that Jim Dine loved to paint hearts and use bright colors in his paintings.
First graders learned how to draw a SYMMETRICAL heart by folding a square piece of paper in half and drawing half of a heart. Next they cut out the heart shape. They then created patterns around the heart shape using markers, and then added texture using a crayon and rubbing plate.
First graders then glued strips of black paper inside the heart shape. They then learned how to weave tissue paper through the black strips using the over and under technique. They did a great job!