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Monday, October 5, 2015

#Student Selfies

I started the year at a new school this year, same district. But NO MORE TRAVELING for me!!! It has been so wonderful being in only one building. I have never had so much prep time in my whole career now that I'm not  buzzing around town between schools.
So I have 500 or so new names to learn of all my students. I thought a perfect beginning of the year project would be self portraits. Since I had to unpack 8 years of art teaching hoarding, I wanted an easy lesson with little prep. I found this lesson with all the templates in both English and Spanish on the Teachers Pay Teacher website, which was submitted by Art With Jenny K (THANK YOU!)

The kids loved it, it puts a modern spin on self portraits, and used language they are familiar with. And it was nice to get a piece of artwork up from every student right away.

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