"Mama" by my daughter age 3

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter Starry Nights

This was a quick filler project I did with 3rd grade. They learned about the artist Vincent Van Gogh through the World's Greatest Artist video series. They added the Cyprus tree and sky swirls using oil pastels, and then used cool water colors to paint in the background. The houses and trees were cut from construction paper. For the snow, I mixed up a glue and shaving concoction to create the fluffy snow effect. Quick, easy, and they turned out great!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Clay Heart Plaques

Another Jim Dine project. I did these with one 4th grade class at one of my schools, and with my art club kids.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mixed Media Hearts

5th graders learned about pop artist Jim Dine. Students created a mixed media art project using wood, nails, wire, magazine cut outs, and yarn. Students first painted their block of wood red. They then choose a love quote and cut the words or letters out from magazines, then glued them to the wooden block. Students then created a heart by using a hammer and nails to outline a heart shape. Students then wrapped the heart shape in yarn. Lastly, they created an arrow using wire. They turned out great, and each one is unique!

Painted Jim Dine Hearts

Third graders learned about the artist Jim Dine. They also learned about making tints. I gave them a big palette of all different colored paints, and then a small palette with just white. The small palette was their color mixing tray to mix tints. We used large brushes and used a stamping technique rather than fluid brush strokes.

Art Club Candle Holders

This was a quick and easy art club project we did when we finished one project and only had about 30 minutes left of one session. I bought candle holders at the dollar store and an illustrated fairy tail book at Goodwill. The students ripped out some illustrations they liked and cut to fit the candle holder. Then they modge podged the paper onto the candle holder. They could also add ribbon if they wanted. They look really cool lit up in the dark.

Art Club Felt Birds

I started an art club this year at my home school for grades 3-5. I thought it would be nice to offer some enrichment for those students who love art and crafting. We made these adorable felt birds that I saw on Pinterest. They took about 2 sessions to make. They did a great job with the whip stitch sewing part. I love doing sewing projects, but it is always hectic large classes because no one can get their needle threaded, or there are knots to untie. This is perfect for a small group!