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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snowman Scoops

2nd and 3rd graders read the story Snowmen at Christmas. We discussed the illustrations in the book and how the illustrator was able to make the snowmen look realistic. The students noticed that the snowmen had shadows on one side. We discussed that adding shadows and highlights to our artwork creates VALUE.

Students first drew the snowman and cone in pencil. They then painted it in with tempera paint. Without rinsing their brushing they added the shadow to the snowman and color mixed the blue and white paint right on their paper. They used the same technique when painting their cone, except adding a highlight on the opposite side of the shadow.

Once the paint dried students used oil pastels to add all the details of the snowman, Lastly, they added a little bit of glitter gloss to the snowflakes and the outline of the snowman.

**Lesson idea from Exploring Art: Elementary Art Blog**

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