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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Medieval Knights

Students learned about knights who lived in the middle ages. The middle ages lasted from 500 A.D to 1500 A.D Knights were paid by the king to fight for him in the form of money and land. Knights are a large part of medieval history and are still very well known today. Students watched a video and a reviewed the information through a Power Point. They learned how one became a knight, the life of a knight, about the armor, weapons and more.

       Students first traced a basic shape of a knight in armor. They then added details using line and pattern to fill in the armor. Students then drew a shield and chose a weapon of the times for their knight. They then transferred the drawing to metal tool by tracing their knight with a special wooden tooling tracer.
       Students learned how to create repousse in the metal knight by pushing on one side of metal to create an area in their knight that pops out three dimensionally. They then added an ink wash, cut out their knight, and created a castle background to be glued to.

       They did such a great job! This has been one of my projects that I’ve done with a class!

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