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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Grumpy Cat

5th graders have been learning about different parts of color theory for the last month. For this lesson, the students were learning about VALUE. Value is the range of light and dark in a picture. Value is often created with the NEUTRAL colors; black, white, brown, and gray. Students first practiced creating value by completing a worksheet where they made a value scale using a coloring and crosshatching technique. They then created value on five different shapes.

For their project, the fifth graders drew internet sensation, Grumpy Cat. They did a pencil drawing first and then traced in Sharpie. Students then used chalk pastels to color in Grumpy Cat.  Grumpy Cat is mainly neutral colors in varying values. Students needed to create areas of value in their drawing.

Learning Targets:

I can create a neat drawing with little to no eraser marks.
I can trace slowly and carefully on the original pencil lines.

I can create value.

**Idea from MaryMaking**

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