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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jim Dine Hearts

First graders learned about the artist Jim Dine through a Power Point Presentation. They viewed several of his paintings. They learned that Jim Dine loved to paint hearts and use bright colors in his paintings.

First graders learned how to draw a GIANT heart. They then outlined it with black oil pastel and used all different colors to color in the heart. Next, they drew all different types of lines from their heart to the edge of the paper. They then painted in the white area between the lines with water colors.

And lastly these wonderful little artists learned how to sew using a whip stitch. First they evenly measured out the spots for their holes using their hands and made a mark with their pencil. Next they used a hole puncher to punch a hole where their dot was. And lastly, the used colorful yarn and used a whip stitch to sew all the way around their artwork! They turned out fabulous!

*Lesson Idea taken from Green Bay Art Room:)

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