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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cave Art

2nd and 3rd graders learned about the Cave Paintings of Lascaux, France. In 1940, 4 teenagers were playing and knocked over tree. The roots of the tree revealed a giant hole in the ground. The teenagers went in to explore and discovered several underground caves all connected. The walls were covered in ancient paintings mostly consisting of animals, figures, ancient weaponry, and other symbols. The cave paintings are 17,000 years old!

The students were able to visit the caves via technology. The Caves of Lascaux has a website where it can take you on a virtual tour of all the caves. After seeing the caves, we discussed what the cave art could mean and what these people were trying to tell us.

We looked closely at all the cave art. For the project students were to choose one animal to re-draw onto their paper, they also needed to add in some ancient symbols. They painted them, used oil pastel for details, and had their handprint sprayed on. And lastly they got to crumple up their artwork to give it the ancient cave art look!

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