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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Clay Picasso Portraits

5th graders learned about the artist Pablo Picasso through a Power Point presentation with a focus on his Cubism/abstract portaits. Students then went to the website www.picassohead.com. Here they were able to quickly brainstorm ideas for their clay project. I explained to them it was like sketching out and brainstorming their ideas for how they wanted to build their portairt digitally. Once they had some ideas they liked, then they drew out their design on paper. ( I could only get our Chromebook cart for a week, due to testing, hence the drawing out their ideas hard copy). The following two classes were used for reviewing clay attaching techniques and rolling slabs, and building their clay portraits. I usually prefer to glaze with my older grades, but we were in a time crunch with it being the end of the year, and goofy schedules with field trips, concerts, graduations, ect. They still look wonderful painted and glossed with Modge Podge.

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