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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trapeze Self Portraits

A fun twist on self portraits. Some of my students just dread doing self portraits, and I do at least one self portrait project every year. So I try to make them fun. Another Pinterest project idea (isn't Pinterest just the best?!) Not everyone knew what a trapeze performer was, so I found a short video clip on You Tube of Cirque de Soleil trapeze artists. It was fun to watch and see the amazement on the student's faces. For the project, I made the body tracers for the students. They traced the body shape, then filled in the details with a face, clothes, shoes, hair. But what was really tricky was they had to draw the back of themselves as well. Once the drawing was completed and colored they made the trapeze from a drinking straw and string. They swing through the air with the greatest of ease in our front hallway!

This project is also from Use Your Colored Pencil Blog as well as being found on Pinterest.

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