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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Giacometti Figure Sculptures

Alberto Giacometti was a surrealist sculptor born in Switzerland. He liked to sculpt the human figure in long, skinny forms. His sculptures have expression and look like gesture drawings. He was also inspired by shadows for his figures.

5th graders first learned how to do gesture drawings of a moveable wooden figure in art class. Gesture drawings are supposed to look like they are in action.

With this knowledge of how the body should look moving, 5th graders then made a wire armature of a human figure. They then wrapped the armature in tinfoil to give the sculpture some strength. Lastly, they applied two layers of plaster to make the sculpture sturdy and have weight to it. I hot glued their figure to a wooden block for it’s’ stand, and then the 5th graders painted their sculptures with acrylic paint.

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