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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Clay Slab Boxes

5th graders reviewed the clay attaching techniques scoring, slipping, and smoothing by watching a short video. They also learned how to roll slabs of clay by also watching a video and seeing me demonstrate with our clay tools. A slab of clay is a thick rolled out piece of clay that is the same thickness all the way through. For the clay project students made a clay slab box. First they drew out the design of their slab box on paper to create a stencil to trace. Students then rolled two slabs that were the lid and bottom piece to their box. Next they had to roll more slabs to create the walls to their box and attach them to the bottom slab. Students had to be careful that their wall slabs were all the same height and proper thickness. Once their box was built, they decorated by either attaching more clay pieces or using a drawing tool to etch designs on the box. Lastly, they glazed their box. This was a long process and they did awesome! I told them they are all definitely ready for middle school clay projects nowJ

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