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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Roy Lichtenstein ONOMATOPOEIA Art

4th graders learned about the artist Roy Lichtenstein by viewing a Power Point of his artwork and history. They also learned about onomatopoeias and how they are used. They also viewed an old school Batman and Robin clip from the original series where onomatopoeias are used during the fight  scense (disclaimer: we do not promote fighting in anyway and I made sure to tell the students that, and that it was all pretend:) For their project they choose two of the three primary colors and did symmetrical cutouts. These were then glued to white paper where they added black dots, like the benday dots Lichtenstien used. They then choose their onomatopoeia word, traced it with stencils and colored it in with whatever primary color they hadn't used yet. Lastly, they added some star shapes with motion lines for an extra detail.

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  1. Hi! Great project. I assume you provided them with the words to choose from?
    And, how exactly did you have them do the letters? Did you make or buy stencils and let them use them?