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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jelly Fish Paintings

First Graders learned all about jelly fish through a Power Point Presentation and watched a video of all different types of jelly fish in the ocean. They learned that jelly fish have no brains, have tentacles, eat small fish, and can sting as a defense mechanism. They also learned that jelly fish are made of 95% water, so it would be really hard to pick up a jelly fish! Of course they observed with their art eyes all the different shapes and colors that jelly fish can be.


For their art project, they first painted the ocean using only the cool colors. Next they added ocean floor details using oil pastels. They cut out the jelly fish from tissue paper, because tissue paper is fragile, like a jelly fish! For some finishing touches, they added glitter gloss to the jellies for some shimmer, and used circle stamps to create bubbles.

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