"Mama" by my daughter age 3

Monday, March 6, 2017

Another Art Baby!

My posts have been scarce this school year because of this little lady. Paisley Cynthia came 3 weeks early! I needed one more week to wrap things up in my classroom and complete my to do list before I went on leave...but such is life. I'm loving my time home with her and my other two kids. It is so nice to be able to attend my older children's school functions and activities during the week, I never get to do it without taking time off. And I love having the days alone with my little Paisley! She is a wonderful baby. It seems our art department goes in spurts of having years filled with art babies. We have 3 this year:) Paisley's friends should be joining the world in a few weeks then we get to have art baby play dates:)

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