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Friday, March 4, 2016

Romare Bearden Collage Portraits

The month of February is Black History Month. During this month of remembering African Americans in history, students in art class learned about African American Artists.
4th grade students learned about the African American painter and collage artist, Romare Bearden. He spent much of his career as a painter, but is most recognized for his collage work.
A collage is when artists use several different materials to create a new one. Bearden often used photographs, magazines, and newspaper photos in his collage art.

4th grade students used magazine ads to create and assemble a portrait using all different types of facial features and other details. They were very creative in their process and they turned out very interesting!

We also discussed how artists display their artwork in museums and public places. Artists mount, frame, or mat their artwork to make it look nice and ready for public viewing. 4th graders worked on matting their artwork to colored paper for their final display.

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