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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Monster Drawings

1st and 5th graders both read the story I Need My Monster.  We discussed what makes a monster scary. We looked at lots of examples from the story at all the details that make up a good monster.
1st graders drew a monster from their imagination. They then traced it in Sharpie and neatly colored it in with crayon and colored pencil. Their learning target for their drawing was I CAN DRAW A MONSTER THAT FILLS MY PAPER and I CAN COLOR NEATLY AND WITH CONTROL.
5th graders then each got a 1st grade monster and had to re-draw it with 5th grade drawing expectations: drawing large, turning lines into shapes, coloring in the same direction, adding more details.
This was a really fun project! The 5th graders loved re-drawing the monsters! It was great to see how far drawing skills progress in just 5 short years. Great job 1st and 5th graders!

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