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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Symmetrical Nutcracker Drawing

5th graders watched a short video of a woodworker creating a nutcracker from hand tools in a time lapse video. We have been discussing symmetry for the last few projects, so this was somewhat of review for them. I had a hand out with several different nutcracker images for them to reference for their drawing ideas. They folded their manilla paper in half, and were only required to draw half of the nutcracker. Once they were done, they needed to darken the pencil lines, fold their paper in half the other way, and then roll over their drawing with a roller/brayer. The other half of their nutcracker then showed up ever so lightly on the other side. They then traced the drawing in Sharpie and painted in with tempera cakes.

(*Lesson taken from A Faithful Attempt Blog*)

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